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Paint Chip Poetry—

Paint Chip Poetry 3

We had a colorful workshop yesterday at the Leesburg Library creating poetry using paint chips! Aside from being such a powerful expression visually, color itself is personal. It brings up memories, emotions, and senses that are unique to each of us. Color fleshes out what is penciled in lightly; it gives perspective and creates mood. It makes images rise and float, or become so thick and nourishing, you need a spoon.

In “Color in Poetry,” Dorothy Lasky says, “Color is special because there is no way to pin it down. It has a live wire that illuminates its frequency. Of course, a poem does that, too.”

One of my favorite poets who made such deft use of color was Anya Silver (there’s even color in her name!) Yesterday, I shared some examples of color in her poetry:

On her childhood:  “…my sister and I floated upright in the mountain’s green shadow.”

On fireflies: “To me they were traces of magic/ in the ordinary dusk, like the beauty you find in the surprised faces/ of girls, or in the gold coins that tumble from saints’ open mouths.”

On her cancer’s tragic return: “(I) wore the word survivor like pink nimbus…all the while knowing you’d catch up to me one day. I’m holding the black backed mirror to your face. Look into it.”

In our workshop, we chose the colors and the fabulous creative names of colors on the paint chips to which we were drawn, and then we processed them through our own sensory experiences, memories, and emotions. Some amazing poetry came through as well as beginnings to stories that have been waiting to be written!

Paint Chip Poetry 1

More for Fall:

There’s an open mic every third Sunday at W.T. Bland Library in Mount Dora at 4:00 P.M. Please come and join in this wonderful and varied venue of poetic expression!Joe again

Last but not least, my book of Lake County poems from Bell Ring Books is now available!

Poetry is alive and well in Lake County! Stay tuned for lots of events happening throughout the fall and beyond.



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