I love January.

Some may find the palette dull— sparrow and cinder, a blue gone deeper, no inkling of last month’s tinsel. Pared down, the way I like it. Even the clouds look broom-swept. There’s clarity here. And stillness. Enough of it, if we’re lucky, to journey inward, to rest, to ponder, to plan. To breathe past the simple circadian rhythm of our bodies, deep into our dreams.

I’m not much on making resolutions, but I love the thought of a blank canvas, especially this year because I received paints as a gift for Christmas. Creating art, whether in brushstrokes or words or music, is our sacred and necessary soul-print across a world gone riotous with distractions and allusions. Art explores and celebrates the connectivity of our emotions and senses, the individual universes of our own imaginations. It let us speak with one another without filters or perimeters or oxygen tanks. Ha!

So, while we are still sheened in the winking ambiance of what could be, the spooling away of all that was, let’s lift our faces beyond the fireworks’ ordinary glitter and drift at midnight: Limitless, limitless, limitless: the sky will remind us, trembling. Cheers to your journey. To all that your heart finds holy.

Upcoming Poetry Events in Lake County:

January 18th – Workshop – Lunar New Year – A Study of Asian Poetry. We’re even going to include fortune cookies in our exercises. Come and join us at the Leesburg Library from 1:00 -2:30.

January 25th – Same workshop at the Tavares Library at 2:00 PM.

February 8th – Love Poetry – Looking for readers and the theme is romance. You know you’ll want to be there at 2:00 PM at the Tavares Library.

February 14th – Workshop – Understanding and Appreciating Poetry (chocolate provided) 1:00-3:00 PM at the Leesburg Library.

Many more poetry reading opportunities coming up in March and April (an abundance for National Poetry Month.)

Also, Poetry Open Mics…….

Quarterly at WT Bland Library in Mount Dora. The next one is Sunday, March 8th at 4:00 PM.

First Thursday of every month. The next ones are January 9th and February 6th at 5:00 PM.

These are great events! Hope to see you there!







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